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This is my first blog, so here goes. I'm the author of 30 published novels, and I hope to chat about books, writing, my work in progress, and life in Spain, which is where I live for most of the year. My latest saga is House of Angels, which comes out in hardback in September 2009, paperback next Spring.

I'm a member of the Romantic Novelists Association, and I recently attended the annual conference, held this year in Penrith. The weekend began with a panel of writers in Penrith Library, which was great fun and inspired some excellent questions from the audience. Katie Fforde, our Chair, welcomed us and we settled down to a busy and entertaining weekend, the volume of chatter rising as time went on. We had some excellent speakers:Veronica Henry telling us the amusing tale of how she got thrown out of university and ended up running a night club before moving on to being a production secretary first in radio and then in TV. She ended up writing scripts, but is now a successful novelist. If she writes as well as she talks, her books will be worth reading. Anita Burgh spoke on presentation and writing a synopsis, Myra Holmes on how to write a proposal for a non-fiction book, which she presented with her customary skill, and a delightful talk by Jodi Thomas on how to break into the American romance market. There were many more, too numerous to mention. I gave a talk on how to promote yourself. I love doing library events and meeting readers.

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  1. Hi Freda - congratulations on a super blog. Didn't realise you had to have a different name for the non-sagas, although hopefully your own name will be on the cover of the historical novel (pending)?
    Re the fires, I gather that the army took over a supermarket car park for a helicopter pad. Let's hope it's all over. I have just finished the biography of Mary Wesley - quite a gal! Hope this works OK and you get this. It's all new to me.