Review of Hostage Queen from Booklist

When one is of royal blood, marriage is a matter of politics, not romance. At least that is what Marguerite de Valois discovers when she is forced to give up her one true love, Henri de Guise, and marry Henry deNavarre. Desperately trying to maintain her son King Charles IX’s control over a France increasingly torn between Catholic and Huguenot factions, Catherine de Medici believes marrying Margot off to the prince of the Huguenots is the best way to keep the peace. But whatever advantage Catherine might have gained with Margot’s marriage to Henry is lost forever on August 23, 1573, with the Massacre of St. Bartholomew. Now Margot finds herself engaged in a deadly game of politics as she tries to keep both herself and her new husband safe from a most dangerous political adversary: her own mother. Lightfoot’s latest intriguing historical novel combines a fascinating, richly detailed setting with a dramatic plot brimming with enough scandal, passion, and danger for a Jackie Collins’ novel.

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