The Kindle

Christmas has come early as Santa’s little helper has brought us a Kindle, and I love it. The black letters against a white background are easy to read, even in bright sunlight. It’s light to carry and fits easily into my handbag. Smartly clad in its crimson leather cover it feels like a book and I soon got used to clicking to turn the page. The next page comes up instantly, or you can easily flick back if you missed something. You can place bookmarks so that it automatically finds where you’re up to next time you open it, add notes if you wish, or highlight and save quotes. Useful if you are using a book for research purposes. And you can do searches of certain words or topics, or look up the meaning of a word in a dictionary as you read.

I’ve no intention of giving up reading ordinary print books, but love the Kindle as an addition to my bookaholic lifestyle. I can see me reading even more books, not less.


Loved this book. Sensitively and charmingly written it moves seamlessly from the present to the past as Mel Pentreath researches the lives of past artists for the book she is writing. The love story in the present keeps us guessing right to the end as to which of her suitors Mel will choose. Pearl’s story in the past is much more poignant, but equally delightful. The descriptions of Cornwall were both accurate and emotive, and once having lived there, I easily found myself transported back. The garden of the title, bearing a striking resemblance to Heligan, became a character in its own right. A delicious, relaxing romance with a happy ending.

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