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It's 3 months now since I put some of my back list up on Kindle and I must say I'm delighted with the results so far. Each month has improved on the one before, and I'm hoping for a real boost after Christmas when Santa has delivered many more Kindles. These ebooks are also available on most other devices including Sony ereader, the Nook and ipad, either bought through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc., thanks to the one stop shop of Smashwords. You'll find the links to these places on my website.

The latest book to go up is Hostage Queen at £6.99 plus VAT, which you do get unfortunately on ebooks. You’ll find it in Amazon Kindle Store. For those of you who prefer the paperback version, this will be in your shops, and on Amazon, before Christmas.

Another recent publication is  Wine and Roses  (also published as Madeiran Legacy, originally by Mills and Boon and later Severn House) now available on Regency Reads.

If you're a writer considering publishing your own ebooks, start here. Reading the Smashwords style guide is also a good idea. The best thing to do first is to save a copy of your document as an rtf file then put back the formatting of indents, 1.5 line spacing and so on by using the format/style button and rule on the toolbar. Don't us the tab key, and click the P thingy on the tool bar so that you can see what you're doing. A clean, code-free document is essential. Then check it out on MobiCreator before publishing. Yes, there's a bit more to it than this. Yes, it's takes time. And yes it's hard to get right the first time, and a bit scary, but once done, that's it. And it'll be a whole lot quicker the second time you try. Of course publishing your ebook is only half the story, making sure it doesn't disappear into obscurity is another blog altogether.

I've put up 14 so far and they're doing really well and finding new readers. Luckpenny Land is available at £1.99 as a taster, and people are now coming back to read the rest of the series, which is encouraging.

There are many others. All bestsellers in their day, and now being granted a new lease of life.

As for my own Kindle, I love it. I'm reading more and more and find it really easy to use, even in bright sunlight. I'm buying books that range in price from 99 pence or dollars upwards. Some are free or cheap offers for debut authors or a new series, which is good. I've also downloaded lots of free classics, some old favourites and some I’ve never got around to reading. I’m still buying print books but I’m stopping to think now if I will want to keep this book in a physical form, or just have the pleasure of reading it. And for those of you who like to lend their books to friends and family, Amazon are bringing in a new facility where you can lend an ebook a set number of times for a given period, say two weeks, during which time you cannot access it yourself. Sounds good, as this means my daughter and I can still swap books. My favourite recently was The Last Queen by C W Gortner. An excellent read. For a review of this book go to my reviews page on Goodreads and check it out.

Happy reading, and publishing.

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