Norwegian Fjord Cruise


Voyages of Discovery was our ship. Here she is in port.


We spent 10 days at the end of August on a magical cruise around the fjords of Norway.  



Starting from Harwich, our first stop was Oslo where we visited a World War II museum then to an open air museum with houses dating from the fifteenth century and earlier. Note the grass on the roofs.

And an amazing church.

These buildings were painstakingly dismantled from their original sites and reconstructed here in the museum.

Two of the friendly stewards keeping busy in a traditional way.



We then moved on to the Viking Museum to see ships that date back to around 820-1000 AD. There was a great deal of detail to explore about the archaeological digs which had recovered skeletons, as well as ships. Fascinating for a history freak like me.

Kristiansand was the next port of call with its delightful timber cottages. This is Hollen, a former fishing village, now a popular residential area.


Lysefjord is awe-inspiring, although as you can see the same could not be said for the weather. It felt almost as if we had slipped back to ancient times.

Here is the spectacular Pulpit's Rock, as viewed from our small river boat.

The goats came down to the boat to be fed.

Alesund, a delightful little town with art deco style buildings as it was rebuilt in 1904 following an earthquake. The time travel museum is worth a visit, and there are plenty of good shops.


Flam is a small village in the Aurlansfjord, largely dependent on the salmon and trout fishing. But from here you can take the railway up into the mountains for stunning scenery and an astonishing fete of engineering.





A kindergarten group enjoying a damp day on the railway. 


Back on board we sailed up the Naeroyfjord.
This is Gudvangen. Beautiful and so remote. 



 Lastly we visited Bergen, which is a bustling, charming seafront town with an ancient Hanseatic wharf with lots of local craft shops to explore.

And will I now write a Viking romance? You never know.

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