New tiles out this month:

A collection of six heartwarming short stories - previously published in My Weekly, My Story, People’s Friend or Woman’s Realm, is now available as an ebook on Kindle. In addition you can get it for FREE FROM 10 - 14 MARCH, just in time for Mother’s Day.

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Also out this month is the ebook for The Duchess of Drury Lane, now published by Severn House as an ebook.

Passion, jealousy, scandal and betrayal - a true-life Regency Romance of the rise and fall of an extraordinary woman born into extraordinary times. Growing up in a poverty-stricken, fatherless household, Dorothy Jordan overcame her humble beginnings to become the most famous comic actress of her day. It was while performing on Drury Lane that Dorothy caught the eye of the Duke of Clarence, later to become King William IV.

Her twenty-year relationship with the Duke was one of great happiness and domesticity, producing ten children. But ultimately, Dorothy's generous nature was her undoing and she was to be cruelly betrayed by the man she loved.

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Other news:

Dancing on Deansgate, which was published in early December, is now at number 10 in Family sagas on Kindle Store, and still at a special offer price of £1.93.

They called it the Christmas Blitz, but there are no festivities for Jess, locked in the cellar by her feckless, tarty mother. And when Lizzie is imprisoned for shoplifting, Jess is sent to live with her uncle, a bullying black marketeer, who treats her like a slave. Jess’s natural musical talent offers an escape route - and the chance for love. But Uncle Bernie has never forgiven his niece for refusing to join his illegal schemes, and threatens to deprive Jess of her hard-won independence.

I shall be attending the London Book Fair from 15 - 17 April.

I’m speaking at the Du Maurier Festival at 2.30 on Saturday 18 at Fowey Town Hall. Hope to see some of you there. 

This month I start writing a brand new saga, and the ideas are already buzzing. 

 Best wishes, Freda

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