The London Book Fair 2013

David and I attended the London Book Fair this week, and what an amazing experience that was. It was much larger and busier than I had expected, and you could positively hear the hum of deals being done. Up in the International Rights Centre where I went to meet my agent, the entire room, which was of gigantic proportions, was laid out with tables and chairs, each one partially partitioned from its neighbour. Across these deals were done.

View of Court One from the Terrace Restaurant

Authors have not normally been welcomed at the LBF, but this attitude is changing with the increasing acceptability of self-publishing. I attended seminars in the Thames Room, and downstairs in the main courts was the Author’s Lounge where industry managers and PR experts also gave talks, some of which were very interesting. The only problem with this was that the Author Lounge was far too small for the numbers who wished to sit there and listen. I felt sorry for those stand holders who could hardly be seen for the crowds hovering outside to listen in. Hopefully, this problem will be addressed in future.

A talk about to start in the Authors' Lounge

I came across several members of the RNA including Julie Day, Alison Morton, Liz Fenwick, Henriette Gyland, Rachel Gore, and Lynne Connolly. You can see Lynne here with her publisher, on the Ellora’s Cave stand where her new titles were displayed.

Did I gain much from it? A great deal. As well as speaking with my agent, and publisher Allison & Busby, I spoke with Amazon, Kobo and Gardners, about the success of my ebooks. I also found a company who print and distribute self-published titles. Seeing some of my Out of Print books back in print is a dream I may well pursue. It was exciting to be a part of something as large and vibrant as the LBF, and seeing the size and importance of the book industry in the UK.


  1. Yes, Freda, I agree about the size of the Authors' Lounge. Even in the 'lounge' area there were insufficient chairs for a much needed sit down. The rest of the exhibition area was also lacking in seats! By midday Monday my back was screaming so I had to give up. Such a pity as I missed a couple of talks that I was interested in. No way could I have stood to listen.

    Like you I spoke to people from Amazon and Kobo.

  2. This is really useful and interesting, Freda. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Good to hear you had a great time and felt it worthwhile for indie authors. The industry still hasn't quite got the idea that there's a seismic shift in progress. Did you find a lot of blinkers in evidence?

  4. I've heard about LBF from my agent but it's good to have an author's account - and pictures! Thanks, Freda.

  5. I enjoyed it too, Freda. There was a real buzz, and I also found it very author-friendly which, I'm told, it quite a change from previous years. Will definitely go again.

  6. Thanks Freda for sharing it was nice to see it from an author's point of view :)

    Helen x