Little Moreton Hall

Little Moreton Hall in Cheshire is a perfect example of a timber-framed black and white building. Fairly bare inside, save for a couple of splendid tables, but so very atmospheric. The main building work took place between 1504- 1610, after which the Moretons were obliged to let it out as the Civil War had pretty near bankrupted them.

Note the beautiful stained glass bearing the Heraldic arms of Brereton. Alys Brereton married William Moreton I.

An amazing frieze with painted biblical scenes was found behind some Georgian panelling, probably dating from the late 16th C.


We ended our day watching a wonderful performance of Sheridan's The Rivals performed by Alsager Community Theatre in the courtyard. A perfect summer's evening. The star of the show was undoubtedly Caroline Keen as Mrs Malaprop. Delightfully funny, and the very 'pineapple of politeness'.

 And here's the long gallery where perhaps they danced in Tudor times at Little Moreton Hall.

                                            A lovely day out - next time we'll take a picnic.


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