The London Book Fair

The London Book Fair was bustling with activity, as usual. Deals were being done all around, which was fascinating to watch, and plenty of evidence of digital and self-publishing. The panels and talks in the Author’s HQ were interesting but attracted larger audiences than could be comfortably accommodated. Definitely more seating needed here. It was much better in the Thames Room upstairs.

The best talk of the Fair in my humble opinion was that given by Barbara Freethy and Bella Andre. What an inspiration those two ladies are. Million Plus bestsellers, and all by their own self-published hands. 

The exciting part for me was being taken to lunch by my new editor. My new book, The Amber Keeper’s Daughter, has been bought by Amazon Publishing and is to be published in their Lake Union Imprint. What a thrill! I’m now looking forward to doing the edits, and I’m sure I shall enjoy working with them. Watch out for more news on this in the coming months.

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