Novelista's Meeting

Attended a fascinating meeting with the Novelistas on Friday, which meet at a venue in North Wales. They are a wonderfully supportive and lively bunch of writers, including Anne Bennett, Valerie Anne-Baglietto, Louise Marley, Annie Burrows, June Francis, among others, and of course Trisha Ashley who was celebrating the launch of her new book, Every Woman for Herself, with a glass of champagne. Writers work hard so deserve to party.

I pop over to see the group only occasionally when in the UK during the summer, but they always make me welcome and I love taking a day off from the keyboard to talk to writers. We enjoyed a lovely lunch, did a round robin hearing everyone’s news, or progress with their latest work-in-progress. I naturally told them mine about my latest book, The Amber Keeper, being taken up by Amazon Publishing. Then we talked about the difference between being traditionally and self-published, agreeing how important an editor was.

After that we all enjoyed a slice of Trisha’s delicious home made fruit cake and she signed her book for us. (There are always recipes in the back of her books). She will also be in the cafe of London’s Waterstone's Piccadily, from twelve till two on Wednesday 21st May.

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