London Book Fair-2015

Thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the London Book Fair, held this year at Olympia instead of Earl’s Court. It seemed to be twice as big and even more hectic. I love walking around the various exhibits, although you do need a map and directory as it's so huge you can easily get lost.

View of small section of LBF from the Author's HQ

Up in the Author’s HQ, which also allowed a little more space this year, talks were held on all aspects of publishing. In the past authors were not particularly welcomed at the LBF but that changed a few years ago.  Now there are plenty of talks given on self-publishing as well as traditional from Kindle Direct Publishing, Kobo and Smashwords. Panels of authors relate their own experiences, giving tips on how to find an agent or promote your book.

Anyone new to the industry can learn a great deal from these. Even though I’m an oldie having been published for at least twenty-five years, I always find these talks useful too. There are talks and videos held in other places too.

The LBF also allows me the opportunity to meet up with my publisher, and/or agent. I also met up with many old friends, including Alison Morton, Sue Moorcroft and others, and enjoyed a lovely cup of tea and a chat with Elizabeth Jennings. She’s an American author who lives in Italy, whereas I live in Spain. But we’ve met up at conferences in the US, as well as her Women’s Fiction Festival in Italy. It just goes to show how the author community is global and supportive.

I also met up with Victoria Connelly, and took this picture of her in the booksellers area as we found one of her books for sale – Wish You Were Here. Her next book is The Rose Girls, coming soon.

On the Tuesday evening I was delighted to be invited to a cocktail party held by Amazon Publishing. They have been good to work with, and of course are excellent at promotion, making The Amber Keeper, my first book with them, a bestseller. On Wednesday morning I chatted with Adrienne Vaughan, editor of Romance Matters for the Romantic Novelist Association, telling her what I enjoy about the LBF. I find it both inspiring and a good way to keep abreast of what is happening in the industry.

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