Book Fair

Enjoyed a visit to the Book Fair at Olympia in London, which was fascinating. I attended on Tuesday first then happily met my Agent, Amanda Preston, on the Wednesday morning for a chat about what I hope to write next.

It was good to meet Victoria Connelly, a good friend, plus new ones Julianne Maclean, Imogen Clark and Jo Furniss. There I am in the centre with them.

Later, I met Victoria Pepe, my Amazon editor, which was delightful, having worked with her for some years and greatly appreciate her suggestions, help and assistance.

At six o clock I attended Lake Union Amazon Publishing party in Chelsea, which was fascinating and great fun to meet people I work with as well as other writers and friends. We were given a drink and lovely food to eat, a talk from the man in charge and when we left were given a free bag of books. Absolutely delightful. Here's a photo taken my Roy Connolly of his wife Victoria standing next to me, plus Mark Dawson and Becah, who is a great worker for Amazon and most friendly and helpful with we authors. A great experience.

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  1. What lovely photos, you look to have had a very interesting and great time. I wonder what your next book will be? It looks like the weather has taken a turn for the better so will be nice for you to be back. Best wishes.