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A heart-breaking, engrossing and riveting novel set during the First World War, Girls of the Great War is a captivating historical tale from one of the UK’s best-loved and most popular writers of sagas and historical novels: Freda Lightfoot!

Cecily Hanson yearns to live life on her own terms and to be the mistress of her own destiny. Although her overbearing mother seems keen to control and manipulate every aspect of her life, Cecily yearns to escape the claustrophobic confines of the family home and be free to do as she pleases and marry the man she loves once he returns from the Great War. But when tragedy strikes and this future is shattered forever, a distraught Cecily finds herself desperate to look for meaning and purpose again. Realizing that the troops need entertainment and escape from the barbaric and shocking atrocities they witness every day, Cecily decides to go to France and perform for them. But hardship and heartache await Cecily amidst the falling bombs and tragedies that become a daily part of her life…

Danger might be round every corner for Cecily, but despite all of the risks, life on the front line is satisfying and invigorating. She soon becomes more involved than she initially thought possible and when her family follows her to France, further trouble is in store. Her sister Merryn soon finds herself falling head over heels with a young drummer. But could their fledgling romance be ruined by the skeletons from the past that are clattering in his closet and threaten any chance of future happiness he might have? Their mother, Queenie, who had once enjoyed great success on the stage has her own secret heartache and disappointments and as she seems to be trying her utmost to destroy whatever happiness might come her way, her daughters begin to wonder whether they can ever manage to unravel the truth about their mother’s past. What is Queenie’s real story? What has she hid from them for so long? And can Cecily and Merryn ever get to the bottom of the mystery of their mother’s past?

With the war finally coming to a close, Cecily and Merryn begin to look to the future. But will they ever manage to find the fulfillment which they crave when there are so many obstacles standing in their way? Is happiness within reach? Or are they destined to spend the rest of their lives being held hostage by secrets of the past?

Whenever you pick up a novel by Freda Lightfoot, you know that you are in very safe hands, and she has outdone herself with her latest novel. As always, Freda Lightfoot’s attention to detail and her meticulous recreation of the past is spot on and readers will be blown away by the evocative descriptions of the past that will effortlessly and deftly immerse readers into the early part of the 20th century. Girls of the Great War is a wonderful story of hope, secrets, second chances and healing from the past that is absolutely impossible to put down. The characters in this book are wonderfully realised and believable and they leap off the pages and straight into readers’ hearts from the very beginning.

A superb historical novel from one of the best writers in the business, Girls of the Great War is a compulsively readable novel I highly recommend!

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