Our latest cruise

We’ve recently enjoyed a wonderful cruise to Iceland. Absolutely fascinating and the weather managed to stay fairly calm and not too cold. We started with a visit to Hamburg, then on to Alesund, Godafoss, Isafjordur, Reykjavik. Loved seeing thermal springs in Iceland.

And the wonderful waterfalls at Godafoss. Beautiful!

We particularly liked the Sunmore Museum in Alesund in Norway, and going up to the top of a hill to view the harbour and surrounding area. You can have to climb up over 400 steps, but we took a bus. Much easier.

We also enjoyed exploring museums and land etc., in Reykjavik and other places, often using a hop on and hop off bus.

Our final stop was in Faroes, very quiet and remote, with a cloudy sky as we were taken round to emplore it on a coach.

Spending time on the ship, Queen Victoria, attending interesting talks, eating good food, dancing and watching shows, was a delight. Plus having plenty of time to read and relax. We are looking forward to our next cruise in 2019.

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