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Hi everyone, I’ve been hooked up with writing for some months. I did take a week off in June to enjoy a wonderful cruise around the Islands of Scotland. David and I loved visiting St Kilda, the Orkneys, Hoy and Shetland. Full of history, beautiful countryside and generally pretty good weather. Such a treat. You can see pictures of it here on my blog:


I enjoyed the RNA conference in Telford, which was good fun and I was part of a panel speaking at Wellington Library. I’m now looking forward to an afternoon tea with RNA friends in York. We also took a few days off in September to visit Amsterdam, which was wonderful. It was just for a few days and apart from one rainy one the weather was quite good. We visited various museums and had two canal cruises. Since then I’ve been working hard again on my new website, which is now up and running. I had to learn a new system but hopefully it works okay and I’m sure I’ll add improvements to it over time.   www.fredalightfoot.co.uk

Right now I'm busy doing copy-editing and writing a short story for my publisher, Harper Collins.As for my latest books, Girls of the Great War is the story of two sisters, daughters of a very difficult mother who is a star singer but has problems from her past she has no wish the speak of. Cecily, the elder one, loses the love of her life in WW1 and decides to deal with this anguish by entertaining the troops, as she also longs to sing. Her young sister happily works with her, falls in love but will that relationship work for her? Once the war is over will Cecily even find a man to love? This book is planned to be published early next year by Lake Union Amazon Publishing.

Peace in my Heart is a heartwarming story of life after the war, third in the Post War series of: Home is Where the Heart Is and Always in my Heart.

The war is over and Evie Talbert eagerly awaits the return of her three children from their evacuated homes. But her carefree daughters and son are barely recognisable – their education has been disrupted, the siblings split up, and the effect on them has been life-changing. Her son has developed serious behavioural problems and with her daughters, there’s jealousy and a nervous disorder that cannot be explained… 

Evie’s husband also has problems. Having returned from being in action, he suffers nightmares and fits of rage. He’s no longer the gentle, quiet man Evie married. Peace may finally be here, but Evie’s family is in shreds. Now she must rebuild a loving home to achieve the happiness she’s always dreamed of… 

Once the editing is finished I’ll put up an extract on my website, and let you know about that in the autumn. It is to be published in December and can be pre-ordered now.

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